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Beter Enterprizes LLC / Big Isle Party Games Rental Schedule

TSPH² Pitching-In Fundraiser or Wish List Tournament™

Event Services Program is based on a per player for Singles and/or Partners Tournament Ticket {subject to change without notice}.

A Tournament Manager and assistant will be there to oversee the event and to provide direction to your Volunteer staff to assist with setting up the game boxes and as Score Keepers and Judge.

Singles $15.00

Partners $30.00

Minimum- 12 Single Players, 6 Partners

Maximum- 64 Singles, 32 Partners

Sure almost anybody can play the old style design “pordagee horseshoes”. However our unique proprietary two tier TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games is the most exciting to play compared to anything on the market.

This is what our TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ Rental Inventory looks like before a tournament.

 Our proprietary two tier tossing game design is what sets us apart from any other design in the market place.

We provide consistency among all our TSPH™ Rental Equipment that raises the bar setting a new standard for professional level competition.

 Our TSPH™ games are clean, crisp and consistent. They will look outstandingly beautiful and very inviting at any TSPH™ venue you have in mind.

This makes TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ your perfect option when it comes to needing multiple rental sets for large tournaments.

Where do I start? 1- Pick a day, 2- Pick a start time 3- Pick a venue.

A contingent of players for a full tournament 64 Singles and/or 32 Partners

Place- The size of your venue can be outside or inside. We deliver to your venue and setup according to your floor plan. Allow at least 2-3 hours or more if possible to set-up

Here are example floor plans to set-up a full tournament


How much should I charge?  You ask. How much do you need to raise?

Here are flier examples

One Complete Set Includes:

1)      1- TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games set

2)      2- different washer and sack colors per team per lane

3)      32-36 Dry erase Match Play score cards with dry erase pens.

4)      1- tournament bracket board-Single or Partners Elimination

Start Time-. Note: It's all about timing and transition. Here’s an example for an approximate time table for a tournament.

TSPH² Match Play Format of scoring offers a better control of time vs the “old pordagee horseshoes” scoring game rules of 21. The players will feel they got their money’s worth playing a three-game match.

It will take approximately 35-40 minutes for the first wave of 64 Singles to complete the first Match in the tournament. There are 6 waves to complete the tournament. Example: 64 Singles Tournament 3 ½ to 4 ½ hours. 32 Partners Tournament will take approximately 3 ½ to 4 ½ hours Combined 7-9 hours. Makes for a long day but It can be done.

How many sets will you need?

We provide all the necessary tournament equipment to accommodate one start time which in turn reduces the wait time between games. For a full tournament, we will have up to 32 sets for 64 Singles and/or 16 sets for 32 Partners tournament.

Tournament equipment includes the following.

32- 36 sets TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games.  32 are designated for the tournament 4 are designated for the Solitaire Challenge. 

Prior to start of the tournament. Issue this information prior to the start of the tournament to the players that sign-up prior to tournament day.

Tournament Day Review TSPH² Rules and Scoring, Etiquette

Bingo Style Blind Draw numbered balls 1-64 in a bag. Players names will be listed on a Numerical Sign-Up Sheet after they complete their Tournament Registration Waiver Form which will be their number. 1st come 1st serve.

32 Lanes will be numbered. When the numbers and names are drawn the players may proceed to their assigned lane.  You will issue a Match Play Score Card with dry erase pen with the two competing Players names for each lane. 

Starting at the top of the bracket board the 1st two competitors, Lane #2, next two competitors and so forth through 64 numbers and names.

Once completed. You will “call to order” the 1st 64 players on the field. Make any last statements, then begin Officially start the tournament.

When the competing Players have completed their match, they will turn in their initialed score Cards to the Score Keeper, at which time a photo will be taken of their score card initialed by each Player to keep as record. You will cut the loser’s wrist band. Wipe the Score Card clean.

From the 1st wave, add the two winners to the 2nd wave bracket and continue to complete the 2nd wave bracket with the winners

Score Keeper will fill out a new score card with both names and assign them the 1st lane.

Once completed. You will “call to order” the 2nd wave of 32 players on the field. Make any last statements, then Officially start the 2nd wave of the tournament.

Repeat till end of the tournament.

Post Tournament Awards Ceremony with Dinner or lunch. Recognize sponsors

How does payment work?

Typically, we can accept personal checks, debit card, credit card payment via Paypal when your reservation is made far enough in advance.

How much lead time do you need to make a reservation?
It will always depend. Sooner the better, it takes from as little as 1 week for a small party and up to 3 months advance planning a larger event. Example- Full tournament consist of 64 single players and/or 32 Partner teams.

What’s the delivery charge?

Our delivery charge is based on the total amount of sets being rented.

Delivery charge starts at $50.00 plus $1.75 per mile fuel charge from our Waikoloa Village location.  

What qualifies someone to incure charges for damages?
In you run over the TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ with your car or if you jump on it and break it you may lose your deposit. We understand that wear and tear is normal, and will not be sticklers for scratches and dings that will occur from normal use. All equipment must be returned in good condition.

Is there a limited number of TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ sets I can rent at one time?
32 sets make for a full tournament of 64 single players and/or 32 Partners. 

Can we customize our choices of TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ team logo rental set?
As a standard policy we do make a note with your reservation and if available we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Our inventory of TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ rental sets with team logos are limited and based on a first come first served policy and what is available for the day{s} of your reservation, at the time of making your reservations.

We require a minimum of one Tournament Manager {TM} be present two hours before the scheduled start time of the tournament. The TM’s duty is to oversee the logistics for pre-tournament preparation, set-up and break down and tournament reconciliation. The TM also serves as the TSPH™ Official Judge to rule on any questionable play and to be present as witness for the Bonus Prize challenge.

Your 501c3 non-profit organization may provide volunteer staff. Volunteers will assist with the TSPH™ tournament under the direction of the Tournament Manager from Beter Enterprizes LLC.

We retain the legal right to assess your credit card on file for damages or missing elements of your rental sets.

$175.00 TSPH² Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games

$25.00- per set of 4 washers

$10.00 per Game score card

$100.00 per Sponsor's Lane Sign 


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