Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


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Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

TSPH™ Wish List Jackpot Tournament

Blind Draw Mixed Partners Match Play

 2 Challenge Objectives in One Skills Competition

Win 1 or maybe win All

1st Objective - Tournament Match Play Highest Score Wins

TSPH Game Rule Scores ™ apply

Includes TSPH Cover Washer Rule™ = top washer takes all points 

This is how we play 1 game = 10- Innings x 3 games = 1 match

4 players - 4 washers each team, 2 washers per player, 2 colors, 2.5 inch washers

All 4 players stand behind one box- Team A 1st player tosses 2 washers, Team B 1st player tosses 2 washers, Team A 2nd player tosses 2 washers, Team B 2nd player tosses 2 washers, to complete one Inning. Scores are recorded.

Each Team’s players alternate tossing 1st and 2nd  

Team with the highest score tosses 1st on the next Inning and so forth to complete a 10 Inning game.

The highest total points scored at the end of the tournament takes home the 1st Place Jackpot followed by the players that scored 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

2nd Objective- TSPH Skins Game™ 

In the upper right corner of that Inning record the bonus points of any covered washer(s) from opponent.

Note: If players agree to play prior to the start of their match. They decide and agree on the point value and how much for the starting kitty.

Examples: Starting Kitty 5, 10, 15, or 20 points. Example Point Value $1.00 per point, 10¢ per point. Maybe 1 million dollars per point? Whatever the players decide and agree. Highest Skins total at the end of their match wins their Skins Game Kitty.

Blind Draw How it works.

We will take entries on a 1st come 1st served basis. Your name will be listed in numerical order Example: you are the 50th person to enter the tournament. Your name will be assigned the number 50.

We will use a Bingo style random draw machine. We will begin the pairing assignments from the top of the Bracket board and work our way down until all numbers have been drawn.

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