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Aloha and mahalo for your time spent here.

501c(3) nonprofit organizations are looking for exciting new activities to entertain there core supporters and to acquire new members and contributions. Each and every organization mentioned below provides the greatest of all services, supporting individuals and families in time of need.

Beter Enterprizes LLC core mission is to provide TSPH Tossing Games™ contest and tournament services for fundraisers in your community where you will be helping so many individuals that rely on important services within these organizations.

TSPH Tossing Games™ can provide a much needed service in your home community with contest and fundraising tournaments for annual, semiannual or quarterly revenue boosters for all 501c3 nonprofit organizations for years to come. 

These charitable foundations are in every large and small community here in Hawaii and across the nation.

1. The Ronald McDonald House 

2. American Cancer

3. American Heart

4. Hospice

5. Make A Wish

6. The United Way

7. The Lions

8. the Elks

9. the Shriner's

10. the Masons

11. Men's and Women's Clubs/Social Groups

12. Youth Sports Organizations

13. National Kidney Foundation

14. Salvation Army

15. HIV/AIDS Foundation

16. Helping Hands

17. Hawaii Island Food Bank

18. Alzheimer's Association

19. Easter Seals

20. Muscular Dystrophy Association

21. March of Dimes

22. Childhood Cancer Foundation

23. Special Olympics

24. National Osteoporosis Foundation

25. The Rotary

Shall I go on? I'm sure you can think of so many smaller organizations that will always have fundraisers...

Beter Enterprizes LLC wants a few top-notch ambitious Tournament Directors dedicated to providing high quality personal service. You can be the top dog for your island. There are four territories in the State of Hawaii, one for each county of the islands of Kauai, Maui/Lanai, Oahu, and Hawaii the Big Island.


Beside the financial gains, the really big pay-off is that great satisfying feeling of joy you sense throughout your body by doing something in a small way to help someone else and totally realizing we are part of something bigger than ourselves that is for the greater good.

Are you ready to use all your life and business experience that you've acquired? Execute it within a plan that is strategically created toward forming synergistic alliances where EVERYBODY WINS!

Interested? Please contact us you might be one the superstars we are waiting for.

We have the plan... you get your team together to execute it… now let’s get together and make it work.

We will have a ton of fun... if you're willing to work your "okole" {butt} off! We hope to hear from you soon.


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