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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


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The TSPH Challenge

Only for Fundraiser or Jackpot Tournaments 

sanctioned by Beter Enterprizes LLC

Toss 4 Ringers in a row in one trip during the tournament wins!

  One Complete Set- TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ CM.M-2.A1419 Winner team choice

Here's how we play. It's like buying a "Mulligan" in golf tournament. The cost per mulligan may be determined before the contest begins.

Bonus Washer Rule The extra bonus washer may be used anytime during a player's trip if:

The player has pitched the first washer of four and it does not fall for a ringer then pitches the next 3 washers and scores 3 ringers in a row [Top or Lower Tier ringers]

The player may then use the extra bonus washer to attempt making 4 ringers in a row within that one trip.

But before tossing their bonus washer the player must call out to the judge to witness and say they are using their bonus washer for 4 ringers in a row.

Bonus Washer Challenge and Restrictions

The only purpose for the extra washer is to attempt to score the third ringer to accomplish the TSPH Challenge™ by tossing 4 ringers in a row in one trip.

The Bonus washer scores 0 zero points

There is no refund if a player/team does not use their bonus washer{s} in the match.

No credit for Bonus washers

Player/team cannot carryover any Bonus washer{s} into their next match.



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