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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


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TSPH 31-Plus

3’ple Threat Winner Takes All

3 players individually compete for the highest combined Match score and the highest combined Skins score.

The highest total score from all games played in a one match is declared the winner of the TSPH Skins Game™

1 match- 3 games

TSPH 31-Plus™ game rules

TSPH Cover Washer™ rule

TSPH™ Skins Game rules*

Player with the highest score at the end of one trip tosses first, then second highest goes next the lowest tosses last.


TSPH Cover Washer Rule™

Any Player’s washer covering any opponent’s washer scores all points. Opponent scores zero. Only covered washers are bonus points that are added to the score at the end of the game.

TSPH Skins Game™ The game within the game!

The TSPH Skins Game™ point system was created for seasonal league play to accommodate adult social groups, non-profit and charitable organizations.

How to calculate the final game score:

1- *5 points for each game win- *any value can be determined before the start of each tournament or seasonal play.

2- The total sum is the winner’s final skins game score

3- Add bonus points scored over 31.

4- Add bonus points from any 'covered washers' during the game.

5- Add bonus points from each of the players in 2nd and 3rd place by subtracting the total points they each scored from 31 points.

6- The same formula applies for determining 2nd place and how many points are added from the 3rd place player.

All right there it is a washer toss game rules made for 3 players. Now go play and discover the ultimate excitement and endless possibilities of washer tossing with our custom made to order TSPH Pro Teams Design™

You can always score Match Play too

Mahalo we hope to hear from you soon. for a slightly different 3 player challenge.



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