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The Science of Washer Tossing

There are four basic styles used in delivering the washers. Many hours of patience and correct practice are necessary to develop a good washer toss. Some of these styles are smooth and correct with precision like accuracy. Described below are four tossing techniques.

The Finger Tip Toss

The most popular of throws, the Finger Roll should roll or spin off the index finger and maintain a trajectory that is somewhat parallel to the ground like a tossing a frisbie. Because of the parallel trajectory, the Finger Roll has many advantages. The washer will consistently land flat and have a better chance of a consistent bounce.

 End-over-end flip  

The advantage of this throw is the ability to land hoppers and creepers. The slight disadvantage of this toss is its end-over-end trajectory and the inconsistency of its landing. This skill requires knowing and controlling how many rotations.

Reverse End-over-end flip

Similar to the style of end-over-end except the palm of your hand faces downward. The advantages are the ability to land hoppers and creepers. The disadvantage of the end-over-end throw is its trajectory and the inconsistency of its landing. This also requires the skill of controlling the rotation. 

The Overhand

Forbidden in tournaments.

Helpful Hints

• Choose a technique that works for you Consistency is your objective.

• As you are working on developing a rhythmic delivery you will develop muscle memory. Precision, rhythm, timing and concentration are the elements you are always trying to acheive.

• Follow through and stay loose. A smooth, accurate delivery is impossible without a proper follow-through. 

This is an acquired skill that every competitor strives to perfect like in other sports and games from tossing darts, to a bowler tossing a strike, or a golfer hitting down the middle of a fairway, a baseball pitcher throwing strikes.

Any competitive washer player will quickly realize the challenge and excitment our unique two tier TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ washer toss games creates.

Choosing the colors of washers. It all has to do with your eyes and brain. Dark colors tend to get lost in flight, especially during the twilight hours. Light colors are easier that allows the eyes to visually follow the flight of your washer.

White washer will get lost in the sand. Green washers get lost in the grass.


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