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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² SacToss Games™


Now playing across the nation and around the world

Here is how a game will play out!

10 rounds =1game, 3 games = 1 match

TSPH² SacToss Games™

A-The two TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games boxes should be placed on a flat surface 18 feet apart measured from the bottom of the Lower Tier of both boxes.

B- The Top Tier height of both boxes are set at 4”

C- 4- Sacks per Player/Team 2 ¼”, 40 grams, plastic pellet filled

Top Tier Backboard Touch 4 points

Top Tier Landing 3 points

Top Tier Ringer 10 points

Lower Tier Backboard Touch 2 points

Lower Tier Landing 1 point

Lower Tier Ringer 5 points

TSPH Backboard Touch Rule: Sack Touching backboard scores double.

Same Player/Team’s sack touching the sack that is touching the backboard also scores double points.

No score for the Player/Team’s sack touching the backboard that is touching an opponent’s sack.

TSPH Stacked Sack Rule: Top sack takes all points

Stacking Sacks on opponent’s sack{s} touching the backboard score double points.

1)    Each Player/Team must toss their 4 Sacks with both feet on the ground and behind the box.

2)    Sacks must drop into the hole completely to score.

3)    A tossed Sack from either Player/Team can knock Sacks on the box into a hole, off the box or toss a “Stacked Sack”, tops their opponents sack{s} on the box or ringers.

4)    Sacks that do not land or are knocked off the top or lower tiers of the box scores Zero.

5)    Points are tallied for all 4 Sacks tossed by each Player/Team for each round after the round is over.

6)    Player/Team with the highest score tosses first on the next round.

7)    During one-on-one games each Player has one turn to toss all four Sacks in a row in each round.  

8)    During 2- person team competition, the first Team will toss from behind one box toward the other box while the second person follows. This makes one round. After tallying the score, Teams will then pick up the Sacks and toss toward the other box for their second round and so forth.

9)      Player/Team with the Highest score moves on in tournament competition.

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