Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² SacToss Games™


Now playing across the nation and around the world

TSPH² SacToss Games™ High Score Challenge

1 game = 10 rounds Highest Score Wins

TSPH² Stacked SacToss Rules

TSPH² Backboard Touch Rules

TSPH² Stacked Sacks Skins Game™ {Players option}


A) The two TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing games are placed on a flat surface 18 feet apart measured from the bottom of the Lower Tier of both boxes.

B) The Top Tier height of both boxes are set at 4” for a real competitive challenge.

C) 8- Sacks per Player/Team 2 ¼” 40 grams

D) TSPH 10 rounds score card and marker.

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