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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


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Our Mission
Beter Enterprizes LLC's core mission is to provide TSPH² Tossing Games™ contest and tournament services for fundraisers in your community where you will be helping so many individuals in there time of need that rely on important services within these organizations.

TSPH² Tossing Games™ can provide a much needed service in your home community with fundraising contest and tournaments for annual, semiannual or quarterly revenue boosters for all large and small 501c(3) nonprofit organizations for years to come.

 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

Fundraiser and Jackpot Tournaments

Washers and SacToss Games

Bringing fun and competition back into fundraising!

One Day!  One Week!   One Month!   One Season!

Single or Double Elimination!

Blind Draw or Seeded

Adult and Youth Organizations

Seasonal League Play

Non-Profit Special Events

Private Parties for Leisure or Business Groups

Group Motivational Team Building Meetings

Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™ TSPH² Washer Games™ and TSPH² SacToss Games™ is a great choice for your favorite charity or social group looking for a new activity to boost membership and camaraderie for an exciting venue of friendly competition!

We provide the official TSPH²Tossing Games™ equipment and manage the tournament operations. We can accommodate and provide for:

1- Up to 64 Teams - Singles or Partners TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ tossing game sets from 2 lanes up to 32 lanes.

2- Two- different colored team sets- 4 washers or 4 Sacks per team

3- One Match Play score card One standing score board for each lane.

4- One- 24” x 32” Tournament Bracket Board for Single or Double Elimination.


5- Set-up and break down service.


6- Official Tournament Player/Teams Registration Forms and score cards

7- Tournament service operations. Collecting registration forms and tournament entry donation, entering players in the hopper and picking teams, assigning team matches. Issuing and collecting score cards, verify and record scores, tournament summary report.

*Beter Enterprizes LLC retains the player/team registration forms, score cards and donation receipts for record keeping required by state and federal regulations.

As an added incentive for player participation for your tournament Beter Enterprizes LLC offers the TSPH Challenge™ with ever tournament.

Toss 4 Ringers in a row in one round wins 

One Complete Custom Built Set

Winner's team choice

TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ CM.M-2.A1419

The Maserati of tossing games!


Ready for a memorable TSPH² Tossing Games™ event?

We encourage you to contact us we'll be glad to listen to your plan and work with you to create a memorable event that will be bring them back for more fun and games in the future.

Send us your reservations to include month, day, time, place, format, estimate of total players, jackpot or fundraiser for your TSPH² Tossing Games™ event.

Message us your tournament request via our Facebook page. 


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