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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² Tossing Games™


Now playing across the nation and around the world

The TSPH Doubles On 7

or TSPH Doubles On 5™ 

Game Rules

 * This game is designed for individual skills challenge playing for the highest score for one on one competition but can be played as partners and teams for combined total score.


* Played with 5 or 7 washers

* 5th or 7th Washer = doubles the points where ever it lands.

* There is the TSPH™ Cover Washer Rule

Each Player/Team has 5 or 7 washers to pitch all in a row and 5 or 7 trips to score the highest amount of points.

 The player/team with the highest score after completing 5 or 7 trips is declared the game winner! 

The DU Washer-5th or 7th Washer Scoring Examples:

1- Washer lands on Lower Tier= 2 pts.

2- Washer lands on Top Tier= 3 pts.

3- Washer is a Ringer on Lower Tier= 5 pts.

4- Washer is a Ringer on Top Tier= 10 pts.

5- Washer covers 1 washer on Lower Tier= 2 pts.

6- Washer covers 2 washers on Lower Tier= 3 pts.

7-Washer covers one washer in Lower Tier Ringer= 10 pts.

8-Washer covers two washers in Lower Tier Ringer= 15 pts.

9- Washer covers one washer in Top Tier Ringer= 20 pts.

10- Washer covers two washers in Top Tier Ringer= 30 pts.

These 10 examples serve as a guide to rule on any possible scoring scenarios.


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