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 Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

TSPH² SacToss Game™


Now playing across the nation and around the world

TSPH² SacToss Games™ 31 Plus Skins Game

The most exciting scoring format whether you are playing singles or partners. This game/match is fast. It can end in one round.

One match = 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 games. This is determined prior to the start of the tournament.

TSPH² SacToss Game™ Rules

TSPH² Stacked Sacks Skins Game™ Rules

 1)       The Player/Team in the First tossing position scores thirty-one (31) points or more has a tentative win and may finish throwing any remaining Sacks to complete their round, thus giving opportunity to score more than 31 points for bonus points.

2)       The Player/Team in the second tossing position has one last chance to stymie their opponent’s win with one last toss of their 4 Sacks.  If the Player/Team does not stymie their opponents from scoring 31 points, it’s Game Over!

3)       If they do stymie their opponent from scoring 31 points or more and in the same round score 31 points or more it is Game Over for everybody!

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