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Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes

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Tournament Style Portuguese Horseshoes™

The most challenging and exciting washer game designs created. Beter Enterprizes LLC is leading the way in bringing the fun and excitement of this grand old game of washer tossing to new and varied audiences ranging in ages from 7 to 70. They all discovered the fun and excitement in the simple challenge of washer tossing.

Introducing TSPH Pro-Teams Design™ the next generation of competitive washer games specifically created for amateur and professional competition. The '.A' design {adjustable} allows you to raise or lower the Top Tier and Main Back Board height.

"You change the height you change the game of course distance plays a key role too! The only washer game design that gives you this benefit

Our proprietary two tier box design with the adjustable height feature specifically incorporates each element of the washer toss game based on the science and dynamics of the bouncing and landing of the washer.

We focused on the specific results starting with the size of the playing surfaces; washer sizes and weight, size of the hole, tossing distances, three basic tossing methods, and game rules.

We created new aggressive tournament style game rules to accommodate a faster pace game with a unique twist to the decisive scoring system creating “The Skins Game … the game within the game”.

You have two choices  

1st choose your favorite team from the NFL NBA MLB NHL NCAA or submit your own image

2nd choose which model you want and we will custom build it for you!

You have several models to choose from. It comes down to size. The numbers for each model indicate the size in inches of the Lower Landing Tier 18"x18" as an example for the CT.M-2.A1818 or 18"x27" for the CT.M-3.1827 and with this model you also have choices for hole positions. 

Choose you hole postions

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CT.M-3.A1827.1

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CT.M-3.A1827.2

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CT.M-3.A1827.3

Choose your hole positioning

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CM.M-3.A1022.1

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CM.M-3.A1022.2

TSPH Pro-Teams Design CM.M-3.A1022.3